VIP Hand – Séminaire pour les orphelins

VIP Hand – Séminaire pour les orphelins

  • Client: John Smith
  • Start: July 20, 2018
  • Category: Business
  • Finish: October 12, 2018

There are several vulnerable children – orphans, street children, out-of-school children across Africa, with the Republic of Benin included. However, there has been different kind of interventions by international and local organizations which only focuses on the needs and problems of the children. Moreover, the society perceives the children has helpless, vulnerable and objects of charity. The society and most charitable organizations have focused on the vulnerability and problems of the children, instead of their values and potentials.

Based on the vision of VIP World to raise exceptional leaders, the project was organized to change the perception of the society about the children from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘valuable – full of potentials’, and also to empower the children with personal development skills to prepare them as leaders in the future.


Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Cotonou – Republic of Benin


The project was named VIP HAND, with the theme – YES! We can.

VIP HAND is an annual project organized by VIP WORLD. Its main objective is to inspire the orphans and vulnerable children and raise exceptional leaders among them. The vision is beyond giving gifts but also helping them identify their talents and motivate them to use it for nation-building purpose and to serve humanity. Through a seminar, the success stories of those who were once vulnerable and orphaned would be shared with the children to empower them for success in life.


  • Empower at least 100 OVC with personal development and leadership skills.
  • Give the children the platform to express their talents.
  • Donate gift items and food items to the children and their orphanages.
  • Share the success stories of people who were vulnerable and orphaned in their childhood, who are now creating social, economic and political changes in their communities and country.


Seventy-eight (78) orphans and vulnerable children from two (2) orphanages in Cotonou were in attendance, with about fifty (50) adults.



The seminar on personal development and leadership started at 10am at Djibson Hotel in Cotonou, where the children were taught how to lead a successful life from childhood.

After the seminar, the children were given the floor to display various talents such as; singing, dancing etc.

After the talent presentation, the Founder of VIP World – Alex Balogun and another invited guest were brought forward in an interview session, to share their success stories. The children were inspired by the real life stories and thereafter asked questions, which were effectively answered.

After the seminar, the children and other participants moved to another location – Eldorado Beach, where the program continued with games and fun activities. The children participated in different games and played on the beach. It was an exciting experience for them.

Then, gift items and refreshment (snacks and drink) were given to all the children and adult present. The some food items were donated to the coordinators of the orphanages. Certificates of appreciation were presented to the orphanages as well. The program ended at about 5pm.


  • The children were given an opportunity to move out of their orphanage homes into the city, and also most of them visited a hotel and a beach for the first time in their lives.
  • The children listened to the success stories of people who were also vulnerable in their childhood, and this gave the children confidence and motivation that “Yes! They can also become successful in life”.
  • The children were given a platform to express themselves freely, displaying their talents without fear.
  • The children went home with many gifts and food items that would help them have a great Christmas celebration.